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Our Story

We met

It was love at first sight (literally)! It all started with a comment on a photo of Max's dog, Taco....


We were both single and doing our best to date in the new dating app world. Max's friend recommended he try an app called Hinge, and thank goodness he listened! While on the app, Sarah stumbled across a photo of Taco (Max was also pictured) and made her move! Max then responded with, "I love you?" and the rest is history (kind of)!


We exchanged messages pretty much daily after that and finally met for our first date in mid-March at Stone Brewing in Napa.


We casually dated for the months to follow, seeing each other a few times a week. 6 months later, we mutually agreed that the timing wasn't quite right and we decided to take a break from dating one another. We continued to stay in touch in a friendly manner after that, making sure to celebrate each other's accomplishments, birthdays, and even sometimes just to say a quick "hello"!

February 2019

In early January 2021, we began talking daily once again, decided to meet up, and the rest was actually history this time! We picked up right where we left off and started seeing each other a few days a week. On January 30th, Max asked Sarah to be his girlfriend! Well actually, Max's friend, Joe, referred to Sarah as Max's girlfriend and we both agreed that we liked the way that sounded and we made it official. 

We celebrated our new relationship status (and Sarah's birthday) a few weeks later with a trip to Maui! We found our mutual love for travel and adventure and from there, we would go on a new vacation every few months. Not much has changed!

We started dating

January 2021

Nick's Cove June 24, 2023

We got Engaged

It became pretty obvious that we were each other's "person" and on June 24, 2023, Max got down on one knee and popped the question.

If you know Sarah, you know that she is impossible to surprise... Max threw "68 shades of deception" at Sarah - being vague about having any sort of plan for the day (what Sarah described as a "dirty napkin plan") - to try to shake her off his trail, but she saw right through it. 

The day began with a drive to Dillion beach, where, knowing a proposal was on the horizon, Sarah was on edge. A few hours, a bottle of Rosé, and twelve vague, anxiety-inducing ideas later, Max drove the two down the coast to one of their favorite restaurants, Nick's Cove.

Upon their arrival, Max asked to check in to the hotel, which was also on the premises. At this point, Sarah knew the dirty napkin plan was a real full-fledged plan and the proposal was imminent... but WHEN?! 

After checking in, cleaning up, and making awkward small talk as they walked past a suspicious fisherman, Sarah and Max reached the end of the pier at Nick's Cove, where Max called out "whale" and pointed to an undisturbed area of water in the far-too-shallow bay. He quickly followed it up with "Hey, quick question" as he pulled a ring box out of his pocket and opened it. After the hours, days, months, and years of anxiously waiting, the only response Sarah could offer was "oh my gosh," which Max interpreted as a yes (and rightfully so). 

After some congratulations from strangers and teary-eyed photos taken by the suspicious fisherman (who turned out to be Sarah's father), the two celebrated their engagement the only way they knew how - with steak, macaroni and cheese, and of course a spot of red wine!

June 2023

We're getting married

We hope that you will help us with this next milestone... the wedding!

We will be tying the knot on May 11, 2024 at The Bluff Private Event Venue in Red Bluff, CA. We hope to see you then!

May 2024
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